Athletic Therapy

Certified Athletic Therapists are often the first to respond when someone gets hurt during an athletic event. Athletic Therapists are experts at injury assessment and rehabilitation. Advanced training in immediate on-field care combined with active rehabilitation in-clinic is what makes Athletic Therapists so effective in treating the musculoskeletal injuriesusing various manual therapies, modalities, exercise prescription and even bracing and taping of individuals ranging from recreational to elite athletes.

Athletic therapists provide an active approach to recovery. They treat a wide range of patients, from kids with concussions to seniors recovering from hip replacement surgery, using various manual therapies, modalities, exercise prescription and even bracing and taping. An Athletic Therapist’s goal is to help clients return to their usual activities, whether that means playing competitive sports or walking to the mailbox and back.

Athletic Therapists are:

  • Experts in the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries to your muscles, bones and joints
  • Skilled in active rehabilitation that assesses the whole body and treats the cause
  • Trained in concussion recognition, management, and safe return-to-play protocols

Athletic Therapists treat a variety of conditions including:

  • sports injuries
  • sprains/strains
  • pre-surgical and post-surgical injuries
  • tendonitis
  • rotator cuff injuries
  • fractures
  • sciatica
  • neck and back pain
  • joint pain
  • concussions
  • workplace or motor vehicle accident injuries
  • more

Athletic Therapy is recognized by many extended health benefits plans. Ask us if Athletic Therapy can help your condition.

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Meet our Athletic Therapists:

Meet our Athletic Therapists: