Vestibular Rehabilitation

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Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy is a type of therapy used to treat vertigo/dizziness. The goal of treatment is to minimize dizziness, improve balance, and prevent falls by restoring normal function of the vestibular system.

Our therapists have completed Vestibular Rehabilitation courses to help determine the cause of your vertigo/dizziness and how best to treat it. In Vestibular Rehabilitation Training, your therapist will assess your condition and design an exercise program to encourage the brain to adapt to and compensate for whatever is causing the vertigo.

In most cases, patients visit the therapist on a limited basis and perform custom-designed home exercises several times per day.

Certain types of vertigo/dizziness may be very acute and severe, resulting in people feeling very unwell, unable to drive, and completely unable to perform their usual activities.  In these cases, virtual vestibular rehabilitation sessions are often extremely effective at helping with symptoms within a day or two of treatment and there are added benefits to people being able to recover in the comfort of their homes rather than having to travel to the clinic in a vehicle when feeling the effects of their dizziness.

If you have questions about virtual or in person vestibular rehabilitation, we can help.  Call and ask to speak to one of our therapists.  We can help you, near or far!

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