Chenya Bourne

Chenya Bourne

PT Resident, BSc (Hon) Kin, MScPT

Physiotherapy Resident

Chenya Bourne is a Physiotherapy Resident who completed her Masters’ degree in Physiotherapy at Oxford Brookes University in the UK. Prior to this, she received her Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Chenya grew up as a dancer while also being a constant member of the gym and physical activity community. Throughout her schooling and dance career Chenya has been curious with how the human body functions and adapts through injury, conditioning, and training. She has worked with individuals from all walks of life and has experience with those with disabilities, chronic conditions, and athletic injuries. All of this led to her pursuit of physiotherapy as a career, where she now focuses on helping people overcome their injuries and return to a life with less pain, more function, and a better understanding of the amazing things our body can accomplish.

Chenya’s therapeutic method incorporates a manual hands-on therapy, exercise, and education approach to maximize pain relief, recovery, and prevention of further injuries. She believes in the person-centred approach in which the client is the centre of all decisions and goals. She has a passion for building a strong therapeutic relationship with everyone she works with and reaching therapeutic goals as a team.

Every individual is unique in their daily life, injury, and recovery journey and Chenya will work with you to determine the best avenue of treatment and prevention that suits your daily needs.

Beyond the clinic, Chenya enjoys pursuing her own physical and mental health through classes at the gym, walking everywhere, reading and spending time with friends, family, and pets.