Kevin To

Kevin To

PT, MPT, BSc (Hon)

Registered Physiotherapist


Kevin To is a Registered Physiotherapist who completed his Masters’ degree in Physiotherapy at Western University. Prior to this, he received his Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Medical Sciences, also at Western University.

Kevin grew up playing the game of basketball, while also being an avid runner. This love for sport eventually grew into a fascination for the human body, and how it can recover, adapt, and become functionally optimized. All of this led to his pursuit of physiotherapy as a career, where he now focuses on helping people overcome their injuries and return to the activities and sports they love.

Kevin emphasizes a hands-on, manual therapy approach to treatment, combined with exercise and patient education. He has taken extra courses in acupuncture to further help his clients.  He is a firm believer in personalized treatment plans, tailoring treatment to each individual’s unique needs and goals to recovery. Having gone through his fair share of personal injuries, Kevin understands the importance of functional independence and will work with you to not only return to activity, but also to maximize your overall function and prevent the recurrence of injury. He strives to empower individuals, helping them regain confidence, while teaching them the incredible things that the human body is capable of.

Outside of the clinic, you can find Kevin playing basketball at the local gym, running around the neighbourhood, or hanging out with friends and family.