Shovelling Tips brought to you by Alton Physio Burlington

Looks like winter has arrived here in Alton Village! With the increased snow comes the chore of shovelling our way out of our homes. Here are some tips from our staff to keep safe this winter.

Shovelling snow can put a big strain on the back, neck, and shoulders – if not done with proper technique!

  • Grip the shovel with one hand at the end of the handle – this increases leverage.
  • SQUAT with your legs instead of bending at the back.
  • Scoop small amounts of snow and push it along the ground to where you want to dump it.
  • Keep a full shovel close to your body, not with outstretched arms.
  • Step in the direction that you throw the snow to prevent twisting.
  • Make sure to take small breaks if you are beginning to feel tired or out of breath. Shovelling snow can be quite the work out!
  • Bad shovelling posture:

    Good Shovelling posture: