Joey Pelletier

Joey Pelletier



Joey earned a Master of Science degree in Physiotherapy from McMaster University after completing his undergraduate degree at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario. He spent six years working as an exercise therapist and subsequently a Registered Massage Therapist while he completed his studies.

Joey gained an interest in physiotherapy from his time playing varsity basketball, as he wanted to optimize his performance and fitness while minimizing risk of injury. While working as an exercise therapist, Joey witnessed the benefits of physiotherapy first-hand. Pain and functional limitations can debilitate an individual and obstruct their quality of life, but a physiotherapist has the tools to help people get their life back while preventing injuries from reoccurring.

Joey has experience working with complex injuries affecting those of all ages and backgrounds. He utilizes an individualized and goal-oriented approach to ensure patients are able to get back to living their lives at their full functional potential.

Physiotherapy requires life-long learning, and Joey plans to advance his practice through continuing education in acupuncture, concussion management, and vestibular rehabilitation.

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