Veronica Orsini

Iurie Prohnitchi


Registered Massage Therapist

Veronica completed her Massage Therapy Diploma in 2016. Her massage therapy technique is to begin the treatment by taking her client into a deep relaxation which optimizes results of the treatment. She then uses deep tissue and trigger point therapy (also known as knot release) to work on specific areas of the body and get to the root of the problem. Stretching techniques and hot hydrotherapy are also used if indicated. All treatments are customized to her client’s pain tolerance, pressure, and comfort. Veronica believes in communicating with the client to make sure you are comfortable, and treatments are always modified until you are content and most importantly relaxed.

Veronica is qualified and experienced with full body treatments and takes a special interest in neck and shoulder therapy. She believes the neck muscles are the most important muscles because the cranial nerves (nerves that connect directly to the brain) innervate them. Consequently, when the neck has tension build up, individuals can experience anxiety, insomnia, and depression. So, treatment on the neck not only focuses on decreasing localized neck pain, but also treats overall mental health, decreases stress, and promotes overall wellness.

Veronica looks forward to working with you to relieve your pain and optimize your overall physical and mental health.

Veronica Orsini