Alton Physiotherapy Burlington recommendations about wearing a backpack




How To Wear A Backpack Properly and Safely

Look for a Backpack with:

  • A padded back – to reduce pressure from digging into your back
  • Padded, contoured, adjustable shoulder and chest straps – to reduce pressure and balance the weight
  • A waist or hip strap – helps to distribute load to the hips/pelvis and legs
  • Compression straps – at the sides or bottom of the bag to help stabilize the contents of the bag
  • Reflective material – for visibility at night
  • Lightweight material – to reduce overall weight you are carrying

How to Fit Your Backpack:

  • Adjust shoulder straps so the backpack does not sag below the bum! The bottom of the backpack should sit in the contour of the low back
  • Wear BOTH shoulder straps and ensure the arms can move freely
  • Use the hip/waist strap
  • Distribute weight of contents evenly within the backpack – keep heaviest items like textbooks closest to your back
  • A loaded backpack should weigh no more than 15% of your bodyweight